Trail Condition Reports

We use the comments feature on trail pages to share reports on trail conditions. After hiking a trail, open its page and scroll to the bottom. Check the comments. If you have something new to say, then use the comments box to submit a few words about the condition of the trail. There are no special requirements, but below are some items you might include.

  • Was the trail clear, muddy, icy, or snow-covered? 
  • Were there branches or other obstacles that need to be cleared? 
  • Was there trash?
  • Did you see wildlife or other interesting sights?
  • Was the trail easy to follow?

Please keep reports short. Here’s what one looks like:


Reports post automatically for now, but that can change if we have issues with inappropriate content. To avoid spam, any comment that contains a link will need to be approved. We also have a “blacklist” of forbidden words; a comment that includes any of them will not be accepted.